Thursday, March 8, 2012

1000 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

 Have you always wanted to have a showpiece aquarium but couldn't afford to shell out $50,000+ to buy everything new, this is your opportunity to own an amazing 1000 gallon acrylic aquarium made by ATM, yep the same folks on the show "Tanked", one of the pictures is when it was being made at their facility, This tank was installed in 2007, it was up and running in early 2008 so it is a well established system with 4 years of operation. There is so much included with this tank that I may miss including it in the list below so feel free to ask any questions, and I will be sure to try and get you the answer quickly. I am looking to sell my house and its looking like it will be easier to sell it without the fish tank. Alot of money spent on this amazing setup and can be your dream display for a fraction of the price as everything is up and running, originally I had several black tip reef sharks, bat rays, leopard shark and have since toned it down to the fish listed below, everything associated with this tank comes with the purchase price, Please contact me for details as this isnt as simple as moving a 200 gallon tank, it took roughly 8 guys to lift this tank onto the stand. Dimensions of tank and stand are below as well as a description of everything included:
 - (1) ATM manufactured Acrylic 1000 Gallon bowfront Tank, dimensions of tank are 13 ft wide, 4 ft depth front to back at the sides, 5.5 ft depth front to back in the center of the bow of tank and tank is 2 ft deep, comes with covers for the 4 openings on top of tank. The front of tank does have scratches on the inside from cleaning it over time.
 - (1) custom made stand made just for this tank out of 3 inch tube steel and then powder coated to prevent corrosion from saltwater, same dimensions as tank, stand is 40 inches tall
 - full custom finished wrap around woodwork which makes the tank look built into the wall with access panels below the aquarium as well as access doors on both sides but when they are closed, its really hard to tell how to get behind the tank.
 - (4) Reeflo Hammerhead Gold pumps, I just bought two of them 2 months ago and swapped out the other two as they need to be rebuilt as seals were leaking, so each of these pumps are $500 new, one pump runs the open loop system, and the other pump runs a closed loop system
 - (1) 200 Watt UV sterilizer, needs new bulbs though but everything is working
 - (2) Aquatic imports chillers, I broke one of the inlet PVC pipes on one of them and then just bought another one and then had an issue with getting the chiller working so I never installed it but there are two of these chillers that go with the system
 - (1) ESS skimmer rated for 1200 gallons with a blueline 100 pump feeding water to this skimmer, this thing works awesome and has been hassle free since its been running
 - (1) 180 gallon acrylic wet/dry bioball sump that is tied into the open loops system of 3 trapezoid overflows built into the tank making it reef ready, bulkherad drains are 2 inch, return lines/bulkheads are 1 inch, total of 3 drain lines to the wet/dry filter and two 1 inch return lines dedicated to the open loop system. the wet/dry is also equipped with an auto top off float that keeps the water level the same all the time.
 - (1) 135 gallon refugium under the tank that holds over 300# of live rock as with having sharks initially, I wanted to maximize the swimming area in the tank and not put too much in there so the live rock is all down underneath in this large refugium.
 - (1) 100 gallon poly tank that I always have 100 gallons of premixed saltwater made up for quick water changes which is all plumbed into the wet/dry system so I drain 100 gallons through the python siphon down the drain and then pump the 100 gallons of fresh saltwater right into the system, no buckets, no mess.
 - (4) Living Color artificial reef decorations, these were very expensive and have all the plug in reef insert pieces,
 - (3) 250 MW Halide stadium lights for providing the lighting needed across this big wide area. (one bulb is blown, so only two lights working. All lighting is on a direct wired timer so everything with this tank is all automated in regards to lighting.
 - (1) 75 GPD reverse osmosis system for top off and water change water. I do have some extra media canisters for this RO unit as well.
 - Fish that are in this tank are a 8" show size Passer Angelfish, 6" sailfin tang, 5" panther grouper, 18" horn shark, 5" soapfish, 18" XXL Star puffer, 36" Tessalata Eel, and a 6" Volitan lionfish. They all get along great and most have been in this system for 2.5+ years.
 - Alot of misc chemicals, water treatments, etc.

Feel free to ask any questions or to set up a time to view the tank in person. Dont miss out on this chance of a dream tank that is all setup and ready to go to a new home. I have trailers and can assist with moving this setup within reason, but this needs to be discussed before hand.
US $13,500.00

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