Sunday, January 22, 2012

300 Gallon Saltwater Fish Tank Reef Tank Aquarium - $6400 (Mission Viejo, CA)

**Selling 300 Gallon Saltwater Fish Reef/Marine Tank Aquarium, COMPLETE SET**


1. LIVESTOCK/FISH/INVERTEBRATES NOT FOR SALE!!- I have already sold off all of the pictured livestock, fish and invertebrates. So, please do not ask about buying fish or other livestock. All photos showing livestock are purely for reference and scale and to give you an idea of what you can do with this.

2. I'm wanting to sell this as a COMPLETE SET. Everything works well and fits nicely together. When I say complete, I mean all of it including the tank, stand, canopy, lights, pumps, skimmer, chiller, controller, live rock and live sand. They were all designed to work together. If I decide at some point that I wish to part-out items, I will indicate accordingly; otherwise please do not ask to buy only specific items.

3. For those who will ask why I am selling... I just don't have the time to keep up with it right now and would like this awesome tank to go to someone who can appreciate what it has to offer.

Tank Details:
Overall Dimensions (Tank, Stand, and Canopy together) are:
96.5 inches Long x 88.5 inches Height x 28" Depth-front to back.
This includes offset from the back wall for electrical plugs, etc.
This does not include an additional 30" of clearance on the right side for the chiller, though you could place this elsewhere in your home.

The tank itself measures approximately:
96 inches Long x 24 inches deep-front to back, 30 inches high-top to bottom.
The tank itself is 300 gallons plus the 60 gallon sump, totaling 360 gallons of water.
It is made of 3/4 inch acrylic. It includes the tank, sump, steel frame, oak stand, and oak canopy.
The stand is powder-coated steel. It weighs approximately 1,200 pounds dry and empty.

The stand has a canopy that hides the lighting ballasts and other wiring above.

The return plumbing is 1-1/2 inch and drains are 2 inch PVC.
There are two overflows with Durso stand-pipes installed for quiet operation.
There are 4 exhaust fans holes. The fans are getting salty and need changing.

300 Gallon Acrylic Tank (3/4 inch with Euro-top and lids 2 Durso standpipes)
60 Gallon Acrylic Sump
Steel frame Stand surrounded with Oak with access doors and removable back panel and ventilation
Oak Canopy with 7 inch high parapet (to hide lighting ballast), access doors and back ventilation
1,600 Watts of Metal Halide Loving
(4 Each-400W Hamilton 14K Metal Halide SE Bulbs on Dual 400W PFO Magnetic Ballasts)
2 Each Eheim 1262 Return Pumps
Deltec AP851 Skimmer with Eheim Feeder Pump and Slicer with AquaC large collector
AquaC RX-1 Calcium Reactor with CO2 Tank
JBJ 1/2HP Chiller with Eheim 1260 Chiller Pump (closed loop from sump to chiller)
Neptune Aquacontroller III
2 Each Tunze 6100 Streams with Multicontroller
1 Each Tunze Wavebox with Wave controller
Custom Plumbing

440 Pounds of Tonga Kaelani Live Rock
About 300 pounds Fiji Pink Live Sandbed (mixed 1mm-7mm)

PRICE- As a set, nearly everything listed here, including the Live Rock and Live Sand cost over $15,000.
I'm asking just $7,700 for it. ----->> PRICE JUST REDUCED to ONLY $6,400

If you have any familiarity with this hobby and tried to build something this clean and complete, you will know that this is a very reasonable deal.

**The Buyer will be completely responsible for moving it. It is installed in my Family Room on the first floor, so you plus 5 or 6 of your buddies can roll it out the front door on a dolly or two. Naturally, some dis-assembly required.**

Please email me, AFTER YOU HAVE READ EVERYTHING ABOVE, with your questions or to request additional photos.
California - orange county

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